Saturday, June 03, 2017

June's Focus Point

An Eternal Perspective

Eternity is that which never dies, disappoints, disappears, or disillusions. The word eternity describes the longing of our hearts.
We yearn for that which is perfect—lovely, unaffected by sin—eternal. We have never seen perfection, experienced flawless love or tasted eternity, and yet we long for it. Why? How can we long for something we have not seen? Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us—God has “set eternity in the hearts of men.”
As Christian writers, we can address that human longing because the mystery of eternity has been revealed to us. Psalm 17:15 reads, “And I—in righteousness I will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.”
As we write from the perspective of truth—truth that will stand for all eternity—we reveal the eternal God and bring satisfaction to our readers' souls. This is a bold statement but if we don't believe it, why are we writing?
This does not mean our work will be exegetical or theological, though it may be. It does mean that our work will reveal something of the nature and person of Christ, God the Father, and the Spirit of power. Our writing will be based on truth and offer hope. Our words will carry life and the answer to longing hearts.

Take away thought: I will reveal God’s likeness in my writing in a desire to satisfy the soul-hunger of my readers.
See you September 9. This link is to an article you may find inspiringI hope your summer is filled with many words - read and written!
Write for Him,