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2006 Christian Market Guide

2006 Christian Writers’ Market Guide, by Sally E. Stuart

Special Message for NJCWG Members
My standing order of 10 copies of Sally Stuart's Christian Market Guide just arrived. NJCWG members can get copies at my special price - $21.00 (Retail $33.50) -- but hurry, once they are gone I can't get more for this same price. They will be distributed on a first come first serve basis to NJCWG members who contact me. If you would like to hold a copy of this book for yourself, email me at as soon as possible.

If you are new to writing, I urge you to consider purchasing this book. Not only does it contain nearly every publising possibility but Sally has classes, resources, groups and things you
can't find anywhere else.

If you are already published, I don't need to tell you what a great book this is and how important it is to get the latest version. AND I'm sure you won't find a better price.

Sally Stuart's Christian Market Guide is a comprehensive guide—the only one specifically for the Christian/religious market—contains 354 book publishers (40 new), 711 periodical publishers (83 new), and 131 gift and specialty markets (17 new). Its topical listings will tell you exactly who is in the market for your topic or type of material. Add to that the listings of agents, groups, conferences, editorial services, distributors, contests, 300 new resources for writers, and market analysis and you have an indispensable guide recommended by many Christian publishers in their rejection letters.
Retail $33.50

A Great Writer's Resource

The Writing Life by Terry Whalin

If you haven't already checked out this website (, you should. Terry Whalin has written more than 60 nonfiction books plus published in more than 50 magazines. He is the fiction acquisitions editor at Howard Publishing and Terry encourages writers (beginners to pros) at Right-Writing.Com. To help people pursue their own dreams of a published book, Terry has written Book Proposals That $ell, 21 Secrets to Speed Your Success.

His website recently posted a wonderful article on PyroMarketing - a marketing plan that will set the world on fire!

Writing Op - Five Stones

Newsletter for Small Churches
The American Baptist Churches--USA
155 Brown St.
Providence RI 02906
Phone: Phone/Fax: (401)861-9405
Anthony G. Pappas, editor
Magazine covering congregational dynamics in smaller churches.
Frequency: Quarterly
"The Five Stones is a resource for leaders in smaller congregations. Target audience: pastors, lay leaders, denominational officers."

50% freelance written
Established: 1980
Circulation: 500
Pays on publication
Publishes manuscript 1 year after acceptance.
Byline given.
Not copyrighted.
One-time rights
Editorial lead time 6 months.
Submit seasonal material
Accepts queries by: Mail, E-mail, Fax, Phone
Accepts simultaneous submissions
Accepts previously published submissions
Responds in 6 weeks to queries.
Responds in 6 months to manuscripts.
Sample copy and writer's guidelines for 6 months in advance.

"Articles must be specific to small church-related issues."
Book excerpts, Essays, Historical, How-To, Humor, Inspirational, Interview/Profile, Personal Experience, Religious
Buys 8-12 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 500–3,000 words.
Pays $10.
Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.
Accepts previously published submissions.

State availability of photos with submission.
GIF/JPEG files
Photos Require:
Identification of subjects
Buys one-time rights
Offers no additional payment for photos accepted with ms.

Columns open to freelancers: Small Town; Urban; Stewardship; Evangelism; Mission; Church Life; Reources; Humor (all first-person), all 500-2,500 words.
Buys 20 columns/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Pays: $10 minimum for columns.

Needs: Ethnic (general), Historical (religion), Humorous, Religious, Slice-of-life Vignettes,
Buys 4 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 300–3,000 words.
Pays $5 (maximum), and 2 contributor's copies.

TIPS: "First-person experiences. Focus on current issues of congregational life. Submit stories of positive events or learnings from negative ones."

Thought to Ponder

An Anecdote from Author, Lynn Vincent


Earlier this month, while attending our son's year-end football banquet, I was inspired by Andy Sullivan, a high school junior. Andy plays linebacker for the Horizon High School Panthers. His coaches selected him for a strength-training award, and his teammates voted him Defensive Player of the Year and overall Most Valuable Player. One of the coaches, when presenting Andy with his defensive award, said this: "Andy hates the weight room and he hates to run, but he loves to play football, so he is faithful to do the other two."

The implication was that Andy knows it's not good enough to love what you do, you have to work at it if you want to be any good -- and working at it often involves doing things you hate. When I heard that, I started to wonder: "What things do I hate to do, but if I were faithful to do them anyway, would make me a better writer? An MVP writer?"


So that's the question: What things do you hate to do? If you were faithful to follow through on these, would you become a better writer? Would it lift you to the level of an MVP writer?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

First Line Contest

Here is an other great contest. has been around since the 1990's so this is not a fly-by-night group. They provide the first line, you provide the story. It doesn't pay as well as the previous contest I posted (where you got the first chapter, then wrote the next one), but it takes less time and to do this one. I also understand that as of 2006, they will be paying out more money. You also have the opportunity to be published in one of their anthologies. Check this out:


Have you always wanted to write a book? This may be yor chance. All the details for this contest are at:

Official Rules and Guidelines – 2005-06 Mustard Mystery Contest

The Contest. The 2005-06 Mustard Mystery Contest is a writing contest. Chapter One of Murder at the Mustard Museum is complete and appears in the 2005-06 catalog of the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum and on this web site.. Contestants will write their best Chapter 2 and a summary of how the story turns out for the opportunity to win the Grand Prize of $5,000.

Who can enter? The 2005-06 Mustard Mystery Contest, is open to all writers and aspiring writers, with the exception of employees of the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum, sponsors of the Mustard Museum or of this contest, as listed below. Entrants under the age of 18 may must have the written consent of a parent or legal guardian. Only one entry per person. There is no entry fee. No purchase of mustard or products from the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum is necessary.

Collaborative efforts are welcome but only one prize for a winning entry will be awarded.

Judging criteria. Judging will be on the basis of literary merit and the creative use of mustard in the story line. Photographs, drawings, or any other illustrations should not be sent and will not be considered.

Contest “divisions” and prizes. This contest has two divisions or categories. Anyone may enter in the “open” category; the grand prize for the “open” category is $5,000. Writers and aspiring writers who are enrolled in any private or public high school as of November 1, 2005, may also enter their work in the “Young Writers” division; the grand prize for this category is $250. If the overall Grand Prize ($5,000) is awarded to a person in the Young Writers category, only the $5,000 prize is awarded.

Additional prizes for the top ten finishers in each division be awarded and will be posted on this site.

The winners will be announced on National Mustard Day (August 5), 2006, at Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and will be posted on the contest web site and on the Mustard Museum web site, as well as on this site.

Acceptance of entries and deadlines. Entries must be typewritten, double-spaced, page numbered and stapled. Handwritten entries, no matter how brilliant they may be, will not be considered. Neither will email or digital (e.g. CD-ROM) entries be accepted. The entrant’s name should appear only on the entry form (click here) and not on any pages of manuscripts. Remember each entry will consist of two writings – a completed Chapter Two (not to exceed 2,500 words) and a summary of how the mystery turns out (not to exceed 800 words). Contestants must provide three copies of their writing entries (the Chapter Two and the summary)

Entries must be in English.

Entries should be postmarked no later than May 15, 2006 and sent to

Mustard Mystery Contest
Mount Horeb Mustard Museum
P.O. Box 468
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

The word limit for the chapter submitted is 2,500 words. The word limit for the summary is 800 words.

Entries will not be returned. We will not send you comments, feedback, or judges’ reactions.

Taxes. Winners are solely responsible for any taxes that may have to be paid as a result of prizes awarded.

Use of entries. Entries become the property of the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. The winning entry will become the basis for a finished novel to be published by the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum.

Post-Contest Collaboration option. At the conclusion of the contest, after the winning entry has been selected and announced, the Curator of the Mustard Museum may ask the winner to collaborate in the writing of the finished mystery; in that case, the winner shall then receive, in addition to the $5,000 Grand Prize, seven per cent (7%) of the net sales of the finished mystery novel, calculated on the bases of retail sales at the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum and any wholesale sales through the Mustard Museum. The Curator is not required to seek the winner’s participation in finishing the mystery; if the Curator does not request post-contest collaboration or if such collaboration does not result in a finished book, the winner releases the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum and Barry Levenson from any future financial claims that may arise in connection with the book.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Writing Op - LIVE

A Weekly Journal of Practical Christian Living
Gospel Publishing House
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield MO 65802-1894 Phone: (417)862-2781
Fax: (417)862-6059
Website: This market entry
Paul W. Smith, senior editor, adult resources
About LIVE:
Magazine for weekly distribution covering practical Christian living.
Frequency: Weekly
"LIVE is a take-home paper distributed weekly in young adult and adult Sunday school classes. We seek to encourage Christians in living for God through fiction and true stories which apply Biblical principles to everyday problems."

Key To This Market: Break in with "true stories that demonstrate how the principles in the Bible work in everyday circumstances as well as crises."

Freelance Facts:
100% freelance written
Established: 1928
Circulation: 70,000
Pays on acceptance
Publishes manuscript 18 months after acceptance.
Byline given.
Rights purchased: First rights, Second serial (reprint) rights
Editorial lead time 12 months.
Submit seasonal material 18 months in advance.

Accepts queries by: Mail, E-mail, Fax
Accepts simultaneous submissions
Responds in 2 weeks to queries.
Responds in 6 weeks to manuscripts.
Sample copy for #10 SASE.
Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.

Needs: Inspirational, Religious
Does Not Want: No preachy articles or stories that refer to religious myths (e.g., Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc.)
Buys 50-100 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 400–1,200 words.
Pays 7-10¢/word.
Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.
Accepts previously published submissions.
Send tearsheet, photocopy or typed manuscript
Rights for sale
Information about when and where the material previously appeared
Pays 7¢/word.

Send photos with submission.
35mm transparencies and 3 x 4 prints or larger
Photos Require:
Identification of subjects
Buys one-time rights
Offers $35-60/photo.

Contact: Paul W. Smith, editor
inspirational, prose poem
Does Not Want: No preachy fiction, fiction about Bible characters, or stories that refer to religious myths (e.g., Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc.). No science or Bible fiction. No controversial stories about such subjects as feminism, war or capital punishment.
Buys 20-50 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 800–1,200 words.
Pays 7-10¢/word.

Needs: Free Verse, Haiku, Light Verse, Traditional
Buys 15-24 poems/year.
Submit maximum 3 poems.
Length: 12–25 lines.
Pays: $35–60.

Needs: Anecdotes, Short Humor
Buys 12-36 fillers/year.
Length: 300–600 words.
Pays: 7-10¢/word.

TIPS: "Don't moralize or be preachy. Provide human interest articles with Biblical life application. Stories should consist of action, not just thought-life; interaction, not just insight. Heroes and heroines should rise above failures, take risks for God, prove that scriptural principles meet their needs. Conflict and suspense should increase to a climax! Avoid pious conclusions. Characters should be interesting, believable, and realistic. Avoid stereotypes. Characters should be active, not just pawns to move the plot along. They should confront conflict and change in believable ways. Describe the character's looks and reveal his personality through his actions to such an extent that the reader feels he has met that person. Readers should care about the character enough to finish the story. Feature racial, ethnic, and regional characters in rural and urban settings."

Writing Op: Cobblestone Magazines

Cobblestone Publishing
30 Grove St.
Suite C
Peterborough NH 03458
Fax: (603)924-7380
Meg Chorlian, editor

Magazine (September-May) covering American history for children ages 8-14.
Frequency: Monthly
Prefers to work with published/established writers. "Each issue presents a particular theme, making it exciting as well as informative. Half of all subscriptions are for schools." All material must relate to monthly theme.
Editor's Note: No unsolicited manuscripts.
Established: 1979
Circulation: 30,000
Pays on publication
Publishes manuscript 4 months after acceptance.
Byline given.
Offers 50% kill fee.
All rights
Editorial lead time 8 months.
Accepts queries by: Mail & Fax
Does not accept simultaneous submissions
Sample copy for $4.95 and 71/2x101/2 SAE with 4 first-class stamps.
Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE and 1 first-class stamp or on website.

"Request a copy of the writer's guidelines to find out specific issue themes in upcoming months."
Needs: Historical, Interview/Profile, Personal Experience, plays, biography, recipes, activities
Does Not Want: No material that editorializes rather than reports.
Buys 80 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Query by mail with published clips, outline, and bibliography
Length: Feature articles 600-800 words; supplemental nonfiction 300-500 words
Pays 20-25¢/printed word.
Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.

Photos must relate to theme.
State availability of photos with submission.
Reviews: Contact sheets, Transparencies, Prints
Photos Require: Captions, Identification of subjects
Buys one-time rights
Offers $15-50 for nonprofessional quality, up to $100 for professional quality.

Columns open to freelancers: Puzzles and Games (no word finds); crosswords and other word puzzles using the vocabulary of the issue's theme.

Contact: Meg Chorlian, editor
Needs: Adventure, Ethnic, Historical, biographical fiction relating to theme. Has to be very strong and accurate.
Buys 5 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Query with published clips
Length: 500–800 words.
Pays 20-25¢/word

Must relate to theme.
Needs: Free Verse, Light Verse, Traditional
Buys 3 poems/year.
Length: Up to 50 lines

"Review theme lists and past issues of magazine to see what we look for."

Writers Digest : The Year in Review


In Writer’s Yearbook 2006, a special publication from the editors of WD, columnist Debbie Ridpath Ohi takes a look at what—and who—made magazine headlines (both online and in print) in 2005.

Find out what was hot, and what’s in store for 2006, in Writer’s Yearbook 2006, available in the WD Bookstore: Writer’s Yearbook 2006

Quotable Quote

Bestselling Author, Seth Godin

You do not equal the project. Criticism of the project is not criticism of you.
~ Seth Godin

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Quotable Quotes

William Strunk Jr

Katherine Anne Porter


"“Every writer, by the way he uses the language, reveals something of his spirit, his habits, his capacities, his bias….Avoid the elaborate, the pretentious, the coy, and the cute. Do not be tempted by a twenty-dollar word when there is a ten-center handy, ready and able.”
~William Strunk, Jr./ E.B. White

"Writing is a craft. You have to take your apprenticeship in it like anything else."
~Katherine Anne Porter

The desire to write grows with writing.

Narnia Movie boots Christian Store Sales

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe dominated the box office this weekend with $67.1 million domestically, the second highest December opening of all time, behind The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King, which debuted with $72.6 million in 2003. Sales at Christian stores “have taken a dramatic increase, multiple times,” because of the movie’s release, Doug Lockhart, Zondervan president-CEO, told the Assoc. Press. EMI CMG releases Walt Disney Records’ original and special edition Narnia soundtracks tomorrow.

2006 Conferences

This is not a complete list but it will give you an idea of some good conferences available to you in the coming year.

Click on Conference Name for Conference or Contact Information.

Writing for the Soul Conference, (Christian Writers Guild), February 16-19, 2006. Colorado Springs, CO
Oregon Christian Writers One-Day Conference, February 18, 2006. Corban College, Salem OR.
Writer's Weekend at the Beach, Ocean Park Methodist Retreat Center & Camp, Ocean Park WA.. February 24-26, 2006.
Florida Christian Writers Conference, Christian Retreat Conference Center, Bradenton, FL. March 2-5, 2006
The 2006 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, April 7-11, 2006, Mt. Hermon, CA. (near San Jose)
Susquehanna Valley Writers Workshop, April 8, 2006, Selinsgrove PA
Delaware Christian Writers Conference, April 20-22, 2006. University of Delaware, Newark DE The 2006 ASJA Writers Conference, Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York, NY. April 28-30, 2006.
Orange County Christian Writers Fellowship Spring Writers Day, Mariners Church, Irvine, CA. April 29, 2006
Evangelical Press Association Convention, May 7-10, 2006, Orlando, FL
NJCWG A Reason to Write Conference - with Special Guest Cecil Murphey, Ringwood, New Jersey -- May 13, 2006
The Colorado Christian Writers Conference, May 17-20, 2006. Estes Park, CO.
Oregon Christian Writers One-day Conference, May, 20, 2006, Northwest Christian College, Eugene, OR.
2006 Blue Ridge Writer's Conference, May 21-26, 2006. Ridgecrest, NC. (near Asheville)
Write-to-Publish Conference, June 7-10, 2006, Wheaton, IL
Write! Canada, Guelph, Ontario. June 15-17, 2006
Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference, July 31-Aug 3, 2005. Canby Cove Conference Center, Canby, OR
Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, Date to be determined (usually August), Philadelphia. PA.
5th Annual American Christian Writers Conference, September 21-24, 2006. Dallas, TX.
Sandy Cove Christian Writers' Conference & Retreat: October 1-5, 2006, North East, MD.
The 2006 Glorieta Christian Writers Conference, October 11-15, 2006. Glorieta, NM. The NJCWG's, Louise Bergmann DuMont will be teach two classes at this conference.

New Postal Rates

Here is a heads-up for those of you sending out queries and manuscripts. On January 8, 2006, the U.S. Postal Serive is raising its key rates. The price of First Class postage will go to 39¢ for the irst ounce and to 24¢ for each addtional ounce and for postcards. Priority Mail will go to $4.05 for up to one pound. No change in Media Mail rates have been announced at this time.

Mom Authors Launch Online Radio Show

The popularity of online radio programs and pod casts is growing daily and two mom writers have jumped on the bandwagon. Author Alana Morales joined forces with award winning author Paula Schmitt to create Mom Writer’s Talk Radio, which launched Friday, November 4th.
The show, which will feature mom authors and tips for moms who are pursuing a writing career, will air weekly and is available for download twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. “We have had an overwhelming response to the show thus far” states Morales. “We launched on Friday and we are already booking guests into February of 2006.” Their line up of mom authors includes award winning authors Joshilyn Jackson and Lani Diane Rich.
For more information about Mom Writers Talk Radio, please visit, email or call their toll-f.ree number at 1-877-871-1744.

[Reprinted from Dan Poynter’s Publishing Poynters with permission.]

Winter Writerland - Now Available

Attention All Ye Winter Readers and Writers!

Wordsmith Shoppe and the Wordsmith Writer
Proudly Present:
"A Winter Writerland"

This is a CD compilation of Prose and Poetry dealing with the topic of "Winter"
Both Lisa Ramadan and I have stories included in this compilation. I've ordered 10 copies of this CD and can offer them to you for $9.00 each.
To get your copy, send an email to today.
God Bless,
Louise Bergmann DuMont
Facilitator of the NJCWG

Monday, December 19, 2005

NJCWG Postings

As you can probably tell, I've been a bit neglectful of this blog lately. The year-end closing at work, Christmas and my family have been recent priorities and my blog needed to take a backseat for a while. If NJCWG members come across writing opportunities or have information they want to post, please feel to drop me an email. I'll get those posted in short order. I simply do not have the time to research information for the blog at this time. Bear with me as I get through a few other matters. The blog will run high again in a few months.

Merry Christmas and may God bless each and every one of you.

Louise Bergmann DuMont
Facilitator of the NJCWG

Christmas Party Update

Once again the 2005 NJCWG Christmas Party was a grand success. I believe everyone had a marvelous time -- I know that my husband and I did. If you were not able to attend, you'll have an other opportunity to socialize with our group at the 2006 summer pot luck picnic.
To see more pictures of the Christmas party, go to and click on the NJCWG tab.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

NJCWG Christmas Party

Monday, December 12, 2005
NJCWG Christmas Party
No more meetings until 2006

6:15- ?
Il Plazo
Ringwood Ave
Wanaque, NJ

Friday, December 09, 2005

Quotable Quote

Alice Walker
Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn't matter. I'm not sure a bad person can write a good book, If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for.
~Alice Walker

Essay Contest fromThe Dabbling Mum

The Dabbling Mum

No Fee Essay Writing Contest

by The Dabbling Mum
All materials copyrighted

Amateur and professional writers are welcome. There is NO entry fee to win these great prizes.
Subscribe to our e-newsletter, enter our essay contest below ↓, and you could win these great prizes!


Bath Basics Basket
Included in this decorative basket is a 6oz Loofah Bar, an 8oz pack of Sizzling Tub Bombs in decorative romantic shapes, an 8oz bottle of Starlight Bubble Bath and an 8oz bottle of our Pixie Oil-Free Bath Oil
Retail: $23 value
From: The Enchanted Spa

Coffee Scented
Cup & Saucer Candle
Retail: $19.95
From Coffee Scented Candles

3 handmade soaps
Homemade soap from the finest, natural oils.
Retail: $15
From Cabin In The Woods Creations

$10 Gift Certificate
From Jilps Tups

One Heavenly Hineys All-In-One Diaper with one Lay-In soaker in the size of your choice.
Retail: $15.95
From Heavenly Hineys

Flowertimes cloth menstrual pads starter kit
Eco-friendly and environmentally safe.
Includes 4 assorted holders and 8 assorted inserts, plus a carrier.
Retail: $35.00
From Home Works Enterprises

and recommend them to friends.
They make this contest available, FREE OF CHARGE! Thanks!

In 500 to 600 words write a personal essay using the sentence given below.
Your essay may be true or hypothetical or a mixture of the two: based on real facts.

When writing your personal essay, think anthologies:
Chicken Soup For The Soul and God Allows U-Turns.
Avoid telling the story and let us experience it. Step away from the how-to this time...

All entries must be received by: January 1, 2005 by 8 p.m. Eastern Time Zone.
If you've missed the deadline, don't worry.
A new contest will be posted by the 10th of the following month!

"Writing home has always made me feel..."

Submit Your Winning Essay!

  • Subject: Contest Entry
  • Your full name:
  • Your email address:
  • Your complete address: (Required to send prize.)
  • Please tell us how you found us?
  • Paste your descriptive, story-telling essay using the following format:
    (1) Tell us if the essay is hypothetical, made up, or true,
    (2) Your 500-600 Word Essay
    (3) Your Byline, and
    (4) Your Web Address (optional)
Send your email to: dm {at}

By submitting your essay, you agree to the following conditions:
Winning entries WILL be posted on The Dabbling Mum website and in our e-zine without further compensation. You also grant us the right to archive your winning essay indefinitely on a webpage on this website.

By entering this contest, you agree to the contest rules and the legal disclaimer.

All essays that follow our guidelines will be included in the essay contest.
Three winners will be picked.

Please make sure your email address is correct and your email filters do not prevent us from sending you the newsletter. Thank you for understanding.

We DO NOT sell or trade your email or private information—ever!
Not now and definitely not in the future!!

Vista Print Holiday Sale

Here is a chance to let someone you love give you a great gift (at a bargain price) for holidays. Vista print is having a great pre-holiday sale on everything from business cards to Christmas Cards.

Premium Business Cards starting at $3.99 for 250 cards.
Return Address Labels - 140 @ $3.99
Postcards - 100 @ $12.49
Notecards - 10 @ $3.99
Invitations - 10 @ $3.99

Check it out

Writing Op - Outreach Mag

Outreach, Inc.
2560 Progress St.
Vista CA 92081-8422
Phone: (760)940-0600
Fax: (760)597-2314
Editor: Lynne Marian.
Contact: Lindy Warren, managing editor.

Frequency: Bimonthly
"Outreach is designed to inspire, challenge, and equip churches and church leaders to reach out to their communities with the love of Jesus Christ."
80% freelance written
Circulation: 30,000, plus newsstand
Accepts simultaneous submissions
Accepts previously published submissions
Responds in 2 months to queries. - Mail & Email
Responds in 8 months to manuscripts.
Sample copy and writer's guidelines free.

Needs: Book excerpts, How-To, Humor,Inspirational, Interview/Profile, Personal Experience, Photo Feature, Religious
Special Issues: Vacation Bible School (January); America's Fastest-Growing Churches (July/August).
Does Not Want: Does not want fiction, poetry, non-outreach-related articles.
Buys 30 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Query with published clips
Length: 1,200–2,000 words.
Pays $375-600 for assigned articles; $375-500 for unsolicited articles.
Columns open to freelancers: Outreach Pulse (short stories about outreach-oriented churches and ministries), 75-250 words; Questions & Perspectives (a first-person expert perspective on a question related to outreach), 300-400 words; Soulfires (an as-told-to interview with a person about the stories and people that have fueled their passion for outreach), 900 words; From the Front Line (a profile of a church that is using a transferable idea or concept for outreach), 800 words, plus sidebar; Soujourners (short interviews with everyday people about the stories and people that have informed their worldview and faith perspective), 800 words.
$100–375 for columns.

"Study our writer's guidelines. Send published clips that showcase tight, bright writing as well as your ability to interview, research, and organize numerous sources into an article, and your ability to write a 100-word piece as well as a 1,600-word piece."

Annette Dammer, homeschool mom, wife & College English instructor (FTCC)

Author READY, SET, GO! A Year of Object Lessons for Kids (Baker Books, 2003)
Publisher: TEEN LIGHT: The Teen 2 Teen Christian Magazine, Gal 5:22
Founder: Writer's Helper.Org - Writers' Workshops Online, All the Time, Matt 18:20


Hope you are all enjoying the snow today (12/9/05). I'm snuggled down in my livingroom recliner -- not going to work today (whopee). What a great day to write!! Hope you have the same opportunity today.

Louise Bergmann DuMont

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Here are a few quotes I wanted to share with you:

When Jesus comes, the shadows depart.
~Author unknown, inscription on a Scottish castle

What good is having someone who can walk on water if you don't follow in his footsteps? ~Author Unknown

If I might comprehend Jesus Christ, I could not believe on Him. He would be no greater than myself.
~Daniel Webster

Monday, December 05, 2005

CBA Christian Marketplace Lists

CBA’S NOVEMBER CHRISTIAN MARKETPLACE LISTS ONLINE. The new November best-seller and category top-seller lists—based on September sales—are now online at

Article - Becoming Your Own Editor by Moira Allen

Word Smith Writer recently reprinted an EXCELLENT article entitled -- Becoming Your Own Editor by Moira Allen. Check it out!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


NJCWG member, Lisa Ramadan, took advantage of one of the writing opportunities that are posted on this blog. This past week she was notified that one of her stories is being including in The WordSmith Shoppe's Winter Writerland project. Congrats Lisa!

Narnia Movie Review

NJCWG member, Karen Flores, was priveleged to participate in the pre-viewing of "Narnia" this past weekend and she's written a review of the movie. Follow the link and read for yourself what this movie is all about.