Friday, April 29, 2011

Re: May 7 meeting

Fellow Writers,
In January, we shared specific personal writing goals (submit a magazine article, complete a devotional, edit poems for submission, etc.). We also identified the next three steps it would take to reach those goals. For some, those steps included finding a market, writing a queery, or writing x number of pages.

It's time for a check up. If you were not present for our previous goal setting discussions, I invite you to join in now.

Bring the following to our May meeting:
o       A progress report on the goal you shared in January (or a new one) - be specific
o       The steps you have taken toward that goal and one to three specific next steps, no matter how small they may be.

We will only review goal focused critiques at the May meeting. That is, a “next step” piece, not random writing. Please bring something that is part of your goal. Remember the critique guidelines (posted at the bottom of our blog). You may email the group with an attatchment of your work, but please select only those names that attend meetings. Critiques are handled in the order received.
This should keep you busy this week. Come prepared & expectant!
Writing for Him,

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