Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NJCWG Meeting this Saturday, February 1

Susan Panzica will maneuver us through The Christian Writers' Guide.

  • Learn what those mysterious symbols & abbreviations mean.
  • Search for a potential market for the piece you've been writing - you will be asked to share this with the group
  • Bring paper for notes or be willing to write in your market guide (Copies of previous Market Guides will be available to borrow if you don't own one.)
See details at right for location and time.

Thoughts from January's meeting
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” So reads Genesis 1:1. God spoke the word and the world came into being - day & night, land & sea, plants & trees, sun & moon, fish, birds & animals. Within each created thing was all that was necessary to sustain and/or multiply it. Talk about words being “pregnant” with meaning! 
Being created in God's image, our noblest desires mirror His. As writers we want  our words to go beyond their structure and definition to import truth and life and hope and beauty and sustenance.
We write from a desire to create - to express, to expand, to convey truth. Our ability to create is God-given. Without Him working through us we have nothing worth saying. When we weave words together to  create a picture or convey a thought, it is His creativity flowing through us.
Thought to ponder
If the simple truth is that all creativity is from the Creator God, what better way is there to equip ourselves for creative writing than to have an intimate, mentoring relationship with Him? 
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday,

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