Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Writer Mag - GREAT Show vs Tell Article

If you don't already subscribe to The Writer magazine, you might want to pick up the August copy. There is a TERRIFIC article (in the column Writer at Work) called *It's Show Time* by Bharti Kirchner. Lots of examples and beautifully written. This issue would be worth every penny if *It's Show Time* was the only article in it -- but of course there is plenty more.

How to read a literary magazine By Gregg Rosenblum
A top TV writer on how a script is born By Kinney Littlefield
Turn one interview into multiple articles By Robert Bittner
Building a literary life By Sarah Anne johnson
Set the scene [Step by Step] By Quinn Dalton
How to create suspense [Step by Step] By William G. Tapply
Revise your manuscript to get it published [Step by Step] By Sam McCarver
Get Started - How to prepare your short story for submission By Tom Bailey
Breakthrough - A family gets published By Joyce Litz
Syntax - Number know-how By Arthur Plotnik
Off the cuff - Reader's wish list By Peter P. Jacobi
Literary Spotlight - Zoetrope: All Story profile By Gregg Rosenblum
Market focus - Taking aim at mystery By Michael Bracken
Get Published - Putting the power in writers' hands By Andrea Campbell
Writer at Work - It's show time By Bharti Kirchner
AND More...

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