Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Writing Op - CLASS ACT

Class Act
Publisher: Class Act, Inc.
Established: 1993Circulation: c. 500
Accepts Email Submissions: YesWebsite URL: http://www.henderson.net/~classact/
Description: Practical ideas for language arts teachers in grades 5-12.Editor(s): Susan ThurmanEmail: classact@henderson.net
Newsstand Listing: Subscription Information
Address: PO Box 802Henderson, KY 42419
Rights: We purchase all rights.
Needs: We need practical, tested ideas for English classrooms, grades 5-12. We look for articles that have ideas that teachers can use the day they read them. It helps to know what teenager don't know in order to write for them. Writing with a sense of humor helps, too.
Length: 500-200 words.
Art/Photo Needs: n/a
Payment: Payment ranges from $10-$40, plus an author's copy. We do not have a kill fee; we pay the full amount upon receiving a signed contract.
How to Submit: Please send to Dotty Denton in a cut-and-paste form (no attachments).
Response Time: Generally we respond in less than 1 month.
Tips for Writers: We are seeing far too many submissions that are not geared toward our format or our audience. Please be familiar with both.
Sample Copies/Subscription Information: Samples=$3. Subscription (for nine issues)=$25.

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