Friday, December 30, 2005

Thought to Ponder

An Anecdote from Author, Lynn Vincent


Earlier this month, while attending our son's year-end football banquet, I was inspired by Andy Sullivan, a high school junior. Andy plays linebacker for the Horizon High School Panthers. His coaches selected him for a strength-training award, and his teammates voted him Defensive Player of the Year and overall Most Valuable Player. One of the coaches, when presenting Andy with his defensive award, said this: "Andy hates the weight room and he hates to run, but he loves to play football, so he is faithful to do the other two."

The implication was that Andy knows it's not good enough to love what you do, you have to work at it if you want to be any good -- and working at it often involves doing things you hate. When I heard that, I started to wonder: "What things do I hate to do, but if I were faithful to do them anyway, would make me a better writer? An MVP writer?"


So that's the question: What things do you hate to do? If you were faithful to follow through on these, would you become a better writer? Would it lift you to the level of an MVP writer?

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