Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Writing Op: Cobblestone Magazines

Cobblestone Publishing
30 Grove St.
Suite C
Peterborough NH 03458
Fax: (603)924-7380
Meg Chorlian, editor

Magazine (September-May) covering American history for children ages 8-14.
Frequency: Monthly
Prefers to work with published/established writers. "Each issue presents a particular theme, making it exciting as well as informative. Half of all subscriptions are for schools." All material must relate to monthly theme.
Editor's Note: No unsolicited manuscripts.
Established: 1979
Circulation: 30,000
Pays on publication
Publishes manuscript 4 months after acceptance.
Byline given.
Offers 50% kill fee.
All rights
Editorial lead time 8 months.
Accepts queries by: Mail & Fax
Does not accept simultaneous submissions
Sample copy for $4.95 and 71/2x101/2 SAE with 4 first-class stamps.
Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE and 1 first-class stamp or on website.

"Request a copy of the writer's guidelines to find out specific issue themes in upcoming months."
Needs: Historical, Interview/Profile, Personal Experience, plays, biography, recipes, activities
Does Not Want: No material that editorializes rather than reports.
Buys 80 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Query by mail with published clips, outline, and bibliography
Length: Feature articles 600-800 words; supplemental nonfiction 300-500 words
Pays 20-25¢/printed word.
Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.

Photos must relate to theme.
State availability of photos with submission.
Reviews: Contact sheets, Transparencies, Prints
Photos Require: Captions, Identification of subjects
Buys one-time rights
Offers $15-50 for nonprofessional quality, up to $100 for professional quality.

Columns open to freelancers: Puzzles and Games (no word finds); crosswords and other word puzzles using the vocabulary of the issue's theme.

Contact: Meg Chorlian, editor
Needs: Adventure, Ethnic, Historical, biographical fiction relating to theme. Has to be very strong and accurate.
Buys 5 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Query with published clips
Length: 500–800 words.
Pays 20-25¢/word

Must relate to theme.
Needs: Free Verse, Light Verse, Traditional
Buys 3 poems/year.
Length: Up to 50 lines

"Review theme lists and past issues of magazine to see what we look for."

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