Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NEW Online Writers Group

Especially for Beginning and Intermediate Writers

A few years ago a group callled TheWritersView began was born. This group was developed as a learning tool for intermediate and advanced Christian writers. To join, you needed to prove that you were a "serious" writer (previously published, working as a journalist, at least one book project, etc). That group still exists, but the list owner recently began TheWritersView2. This list group is for beginning to intermediate writers who want to develop their skills and want to become advanced writers.

What Makes this list different....Two topics a week are offered by experienced panelists for group discussion. Panelists include advanced writers like Cec Murphy (written over 100 books), Lisa Crayton (editor of the SpiritLed Writer), and Lin Vincent (regular contributor and editor to World Magazine). All posts are strictly moderated - 2 e-mails per day of up to 250 wordseach. That's it! Nothing off topic. Nothing chatty. No personal-emails. This is strictly for idividuals interested in learning to be better writers. Topics include understanding editors, specifics about query letters, best websites for writers, etc... Do you want to learn the professional side of writing from writers who are working in that industry? Join TheWritersView2 now!

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