Saturday, September 23, 2006

Writing Op - Mature Living

Excellent Break-In Market
New market -- Pays 0-9¢/word or $0-150/article

A Magazine for Christian Senior Adults
Lifeway Christian Resources
1 Lifeway Plaza
Nashville TN 37234

Mature Living Link: Mature Living

David Seay, editor-in-chief

About MATURE LIVING: Monthly leisure reading magazine for senior adults 55 and older. "Mature Living is Christian in content and the material required is what would appeal to 55 and over age group: inspirational, informational, nostalgic, humorous. Our magazine is distributed mainly through churches (especially Southern Baptist churches) that buy the magazine in bulk and distribute it to members in this age group."

Freelance Facts:
90% freelance written
Established: 1977
Circulation: 320,000

Pays on acceptance
Publishes manuscript 7-8 weeks after acceptance.
Byline given.

Rights purchased: Purchases all rights if writer agrees.

Submit seasonal material 1 year in advance.
Responds in 3 months to manuscripts.
Sample copy for 9x12 SAE with 4 first-class stamps.
Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.

Nonfiction Needs:
General Interest
Personal Experience

Does Not Want: No pornography, profanity, occult, liquor, dancing, drugs, gambling.

Buys 100 manuscripts/year.
Length: 600–1,200 words.
Pays $75-105.
Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.

State availability of photos with submission.
Offers $10-25/photo. Pays on publication.

Columns & Departments:
Columns open to freelancers: Cracker Barrel (brief, humorous, original quips and verses), pays $15; Grandparents' Brag Board (something humorous or insightful said or done by your grandchild or great-grandchild), pays $15; Inspirational (devotional items), pays $25; Food (introduction and 4-6 recipes), pays $50; Over the Garden Fence (vegetable or flower gardening), pays $40; Crafts (step-by-step procedures), pays $40; Game Page (crossword or word-search puzzles and quizzes), pays $40.

Fiction Needs: Humorous, Religious, senior citizen/retirement
Contact -- David Seay, editor-in-chief

Does Not Want: No reference to liquor, dancing, drugs, gambling; no pornography, profanity or occult.

Buys 12 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 900-1,200 words preferred

Pays $75-105; 3 contributor's copies.

Poetry: Buys 24 poems/year.
Submit maximum 5 poems.
Length: 12–16 lines.

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