Friday, December 29, 2006

Writing Op - Christian Journal (Newspaper)

801 S. Riverside
Medford, OR 97501

Phone: (541)773-4004
Fax: (541)773-9917
Web site:

Contact: Chad McComas, editor

Free, monthly newspaper covering Christian support/encouragement.

"It is the purpose of the Christian Journal to encourage the reader with Christian support articles--personal experiences, stories about ministry, hope in God, poetry, uplifting short pieces, etc."

Freelance Facts
* Established: 1998
* 80% freelance written on a one-time basis.
* Byline given.
* Not copyrighted.

# Editorial lead time 1-2 months.
* Accepts queries by:
o Mail
o E-mail (
o Fax
o Phone
* Accepts simultaneous submissions
* Accepts previously published submissions
* Responds in 2 weeks to queries.
* Responds in 1-2 months to manuscripts.
* Sample copy for 9x12 envelope & 3 first-class stamps.
* Writer's guidelines available at web site (click here).

Types of Articles:
* Book excerpts
* Exposé
* General Interest
* Historical/Nostalgic
* How-To
* Humor
* Inspirational
* Interview/Profile
* Opinion
* Personal Experience
* Religious (fiction and nonfiction)

Does Not Want: Nothing of theological controversy.
Submission method: Query or send complete ms.
Length: 400–900 words.

Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.

Columns & Departmemt

Columns open to freelancers: Health; Senior Views; both 600-800 words.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript

Send photos with submission.
Reviews:* GIF/JPEG files
Photos Require Identification of subjects

Buys one-time rights
Offers no payment for photos.

Tips: "Be willing to have your work edited and used to touch readers."

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