Thursday, January 25, 2007

Looking Back & Looking Forward

For those of you who could not make the first NJCWG meeting of 2007, here are the hand-outs that came with our lesson.
Looking Back & Looking Forward
Presented by Louise Bergmann DuMont
North Jersey Christian Writers Group – 1/6/07
To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.
~Margaret Fairless Barber

Writers, like actors, are only as good as their last work. Writers must stay on top of the current market, foresee trends and always, always, ALWAYS be sensitive to the changing mood of their audience. By examining what works for us as an individual (and what doesn’t work) we are better able to hone the skills God gave us, develop new areas of expertise and provide fresh material to editors and publishers who need our competence.

Here are few questions that will increase your publication opportunities as they help you look back and forward.

1. What did I write that brought forth a positive response?
2. In what genre did I write most often?
3. In what genre was I most often published?
4. How did respond to my rejections?
5. What did I learn from my rejections?
6. What person most influenced my writing in 2006?
7. What editor, publisher or author provided me with the most constructive feedback?
8. What new writing related contacts did I make?
9. How did I put to good use the writing contacts I made?
10. What new market(s) did I explore?
11. What motivated me to write?
12. What kept me from writing?
13. What changes did I make to my writing routine that made me a better writer?
14. What changes occurred that impacted my writing in a negative way?
15. Who observed a change for the better in my writing?
16. Who was least supportive of my writing?
17. Who was most supportive of my writing?
18. What book or article most influenced you this past year?
19. How much of your writing was committed to God?
20. How often did you pray about your writing?

1. Why do I want to continue to write?
2. What new genre do I want to explore?
3. How will I respond to rejections differently than I have in the past?
4. How will I use rejections to make me a better writer?
5. How will I use the influencers in my life?
6. How will do I intend to stay connected with the editors, publishers and authors that God placed in my path?
7. What new writing related contacts do I want to make?
8. In what area of writing do I need the most work?
9. What new market(s) will I explore?
10. How will I best use those things that motivate me to write?
11. How will I avoid those things that keep me from writing?
12. What changes will I make to my writing routine?
13. Who will you consider as your writing prayer partner?
14. What online writers groups will you join or recommit to?
15. What kind of commitment will you make to your local writers group?
16. Which writer’s conference, workshop or seminar will you strive to attend?
17. What writing books do you plan to read?
18. What writing magazines do you plan to read regularly?
19. Are you willing to make a commitment to pray about your writing?
20. Have you committed all of your life (including your writing) to God?

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