Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Word Smith Writer membership drive is now underway and its goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers by December 31, 2005. For each referal put in under my (Louise DuMont) name, the NJCWG gets one entry in a drawing. The person who gets the most subscribers between now and the end of the year wins a Gift Basket worth over $80. If the NJCWG wins, that basket will be shared with those who subscribed at the next meeting. The gift basket will include: the 2006 Christian Writer's Market Guide from Sally Stuart; a copy of Terry Whalin's "Book Proposals That Sell"; a copy of Carmen Leal's "You Can Market Your Book" plus a CD of "Pinches of Salt, Prisms of Light" - a beautiful selection of music; and some other delicious goodies to warm any writers heart. Peggy Phifer (Word Smith Writer owner and editor) is not finished collecting things for this basket so I have little doubt it is going to be an amazing gift. C'mon, folks...let's sign up for this newsletter!

By the way, the best part is not winning the basket -- its what you get in the newsletter! Word Smith Writer ezine is filled with marketing information, contests, writing hints and helps and so much more. Peggy does a grand job so check it out!

How do you subscribe? Click on the link below. Fill in the easy (only eight lines) form. When it asks how you heard about Word Smith Writer, use the drop down list to chose Referal/Friend. The next question asks who that friend is, write Louise DuMont - word.worker@verizon.net (you must put both my name and that email address or it won't count). Everything attributed to my name will go to the NJCWG. After that you simply click subscribe. Your email box will not be filled with hundreds of emails. You only get only one newsletter per month. This is a GREAT resource -- so what are you waiting for! Subscribe now!

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Louise Bergmann DuMont
Facilitator, NJCWG

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