Saturday, October 15, 2005

Writing Op - Touched by the Hand of God

I recently got the email below. I don't know anything more about this site or this person but thought some of this blog's readers might want to check it out.
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I’m writing to tell you about a Web site that you might be interested in:

This is a site where people share stories of how God has opened doors, hearts and minds for them in remarkable ways, at just the right time and place. These are firsthand reports from everyday people of God’s loving grace at work in our lives. You could even call them reality stories that give God the glory.

I started the site just about a year ago and continue to be awestruck by the powerful, inspiring examples of how God so perfectly leads and blesses us! (And, of course, the stories on the site represent the tiniest fraction of such examples.) Stories come from all over, some as far away as New Zealand. The Dallas Morning News selected it as Website of the Week last spring and other news publications have featured it, too.

I hope you’ll forward this message to the Group, as well as friends, family and church members, so they can surf around the site and be blessed by what they read. Moreover, I invite everyone to submit a story for publication on the site. Sharing a story doesn’t take very long to do, it can reach more hearts and souls than we can imagine, and its impact can be everlasting! (Guidelines can be found by clicking on the “Share a story” link located on the left-hand side of each page. Learn more about how the site came to be via the “Our story” link.)

I realize that some of you are published authors. BTW, I occasionally arrange with authors to feature on the site an appropriate excerpt from their previously published inspirational stories or essays — with proper © notices, permissions, credits, etc. and even the url for their own site. Coming up late this month is such a feature from Kali Schnieders’ “Truffles from Heaven.” This arrangement enables the author’s message to reach more hearts and minds. If interested, just let me know. But, of course, one does not have to be published elsewhere to share a story with TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF GOD.

Thank you so much for your consideration. May you all be uplifted and motivated by the stories of God’s grace.

In Christ,
Ms. Barrett Batson

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