Friday, February 10, 2006

Writing Op - HowStuffWorks Website

HowStuffWorks Website (

If you are interested in writing for HowStuffWorks, we would love to see your résumé and some samples of your work. Please keep in mind, however, that we receive a high volume of e-mail from interested writers, but work with only a small group of freelance contributors. In other words, we are highly selective.

Above all, we are looking for authors who exhibit exceptional writing and research ability. Authors should also be able to:

* understand complex subjects and break them down for a general audience
* contribute entirely original, previously unpublished work
* finish assignments in a timely manner (no more than a month from assignment to completion)
* adapt to the HowStuffWorks voice and article structure

HowStuffWorks does not accept unsolicited articles. Please only send samples of previous writing. If we decide to try you out as a writer, we will give you an article assignment. If we decide to accept your submission, we will pay you for the article. All work is work for hire.

If you are interested in writing for HowStuffWorks, e-mail your résumé and writing samples to

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