Saturday, July 22, 2006

Writing Op - NonChristian Paying Market

Opinions & Con reports Wanted

Looking for rants, musings, and enthusiastic praise on topics of interest to science fiction fandom. Got something you think fandom should know about, good or bad? Wantyour opinion heard? I'm starting an Opinions section at Firefox News,

I'm paying $20 per "opinion" piece. I pay promptly after acceptance, and my current TAT for responding to slush pile submissions is one to two weeks.

I am also looking for con reports. I'm particularly interested in con reports from Comic-Con (and WorldCon, upcoming) but will look at submissions for ANY con. I pay $10 per thousand words for con reports and I'm basically looking for a review of the con -- what was good, what wasn't, comments on the hotel, on the program, who you saw that was notable, interesting previews, etc.

E-mail submissions to


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