Tuesday, May 10, 2005

NJCWG - Sample Writing Book

NJCWG is putting together a book that will contain samples of our writing. Clare Cartagena, the coordinator of this project, asked me to share some information with you (below). To submit your work, please e-mail Clare (NOT me) at writ10wrd@aol.com .

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1. Reflect on the “theme”.
2. Choose a Genre.
3. Write.
4. Submit as per Submission Requirements.
5. Revise – if needed.
6. Re-Submit ( repeat 5 & 6 as needed).
7. Approve final draft for publication.


“The Heart of the Matter” --- Your writing must incorporate this theme in some way. This association should not be so obscure that it can’t be detected without intense thought but it does not have to be so obvious that your creativity is stunted. You do not have to include the words used in the theme. The theme will not be the title of the book. (We are open to suggestions.)


Devotion -- 250–400 words
Format for Devotion: Scripture; short anecdote or discussion; a brief prayer.

Fiction (Long Short Story) -- 1500-3000 words

Fiction (Short Short Story) -- 750-1100 words

Non-Fiction (Essay, Biographical, Anecdotal, Informative, Humor) -- 400–1100 words

Poetry -- 5–50 lines


1. Name, Address, E-mail, Word Count; Genre and Page Number in upper left hand corner of every page.

2. Title Centered.

3. Double Space; Basic Font type Arial or New Times Roman; Font size 12 or larger.

4. Submit via E-mail to writ10wrd@aol.com
E-mail as a MS Word or WordPerfect or Microsoft Works document AND copy your submision into the body of the E-mail. You can also mail your submission to
Louise Bergmann DuMont
PO Box 36
Ringwood, NJ 07456

Please submit ONE way only (not email AND postal mail). PREFER EMAIL SUBMISSIONS.

5. Review the above ( especially #1). Anything not complying with these requirements will be returned without being read or considered until submitted properly. The publishing world is unforgiving when it comes to following procedure. This is a good proving ground.

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