Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Writing Op - crosshome.com

After a period of dormancy, the Christian website, crosshome.com is once again up, running and better than ever. It's creator and webmaster (Jason Mitchner) has overcome a number of physical, financial and spiritual battles and he is now ready to accept proposals for new columns. Crosshome also accepts book, music and movie reviews.

If you have a column idea, now is the time to pitch it to Jason. DO let Jason know that you got your information from Louise DuMont's blog. I am very grateful to Jason for starting me on my writing career. My first column, Coffee And... ran on crosshome a number of years ago. Coffee And... peaked my agent's interest and eventually turned into my first book - Grace by the Cup: A Break From the Daily Grind (Revell), 2003.

If you need help putting together your pitch, drop me a note and I'll walk you though it.

For writers' guidelines go to: http://www.crosshome.com/guidelines.shtml

Louise Bergmann DuMont
Facilitator of the North Jersey Christian Writers' Group (NJCWG)
Director of the NJCWG - A REASON TO WRITE Conference
OCTOBER 8, 2005

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