Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Writing Op - The Word Smith Writer

If you do not already receive the free e-letter put out by The Word Smith Writer (formerly WordSmith Shoppe), you should. If you DO receive it, be sure to check out Peg's sticky notes section. She is now accepting submissions for the newsletter.

To sbscribe to The Word Smith Writer go to: http://www.wordsmithshoppe.com/

Peg Writes:

There are two new features I'd like to call to your attention. Read (them and) then please consider submitting something yourself.

Reflections. .... Each issue will have a small devotional, thoughts, or some other quiet moments for your comfort, pleasure or enjoyment.

Special Delivery: This will probably be an occasional feature depending on what comes in, but I will post email messages from you that would benefit others. Keep them short and to the point.

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