Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Writing Op - YouthWorker Journal Nov/Dec

Here is the latest theme list from YouthWorker Journal. They are now also accepting artwork and addtional editorials submisisons. If you work with teens, you might want to check this out.


YouthWorker Journal has always encouraged article proposals from youth workers who would like to write on our upcoming themes. Now, we are also accepting all sorts of editorial submissions unrelated to article content, especially original art related to the themes. In fact, we're still open for art submissions for the Sep/Oct "Coming of Age" issue, in addition to the Nov/Dec one below.

Nov/Dec Issue - Other Needs
In addition to article and art proposals, other non-article related editorial submissions include:
- Original Cartoons (theme-related, column-related, or general youth or youth ministry-related)
- Youth Culture Updates (timely trends of interest to youth workers)
- Youth Worker Events & Resources (for inclusion in Tools sidebar)
- Web Sites (for inclusion in Tools sidebar)
- Products for Review (primarily books and Christian CDs)
Specifics can be found regarding all of these submissions at: http://www.youthworker.com/editorial_guidelines.php

****** Upcoming Theme *******

Kids on the Fringe
November/December 2005

How can we improve our ability to minister to at-risk kids? Those with physical handicaps, ADHD, or depression? Substance abuse issues or cutting/self mutilation? How can reach kids most youth ministries miss? Where do we go for help? And how do our teaching and disciplinary styles need to adapt?

If you have article ideas on this theme, write *November/December 2005 proposal* in the e-mail subject field, and send an outline and opening paragraph within the e-mail body by June 15 to
You'll receive a reply no later than October 1.

To improve the chances of being published, we encourage you to check out our writer¹s guidelines at

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