Friday, September 30, 2005

Trends in Christian Writing

UP Trends in the CBA Marketplace
"Creative" Nonfiction
How-To Articles
List Articles
Shorter Articles & Manuscripts
Easy to Read Language
Christian Living Articles
Inspirational Stories
New Terminology -- Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Etc. is now "Speculative Fiction"
More open to new authors in Speculative Fiction
Romance with an "edge"
Brown Bag Books (difficult subject matter, approached via fiction)
Darwinism / Creationism
Old Testament
Children's Lit
Nonfiction Anything
Biographies of lesser known individuals
Ethnically Diverse Books

DOWN Trends in the CBA Marketplace
Abuse Books
Anthologies (Chicken Soup types)
Abortion, Rape, Drugs
End Times (unless your name is LaHay or Jenkins)
Books of Short Stories
Formula books (unless you are a big draw author)
Children's Lit
Talking Animals
Talking Inanimate Objects
Personification of anything that isn't actually a person

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