Friday, September 02, 2005

Writing Op - Amazon Shorts


Looking for Something New to Read?
Amazon Shorts are never-before-seen short works from a wide variety of well-known authors, available only on Try a new genre or a new author--there's something for everyone. Amazon Shorts are:
  • New short-form literature from top authors for only 49 cents
  • Delivered electronically; there are no printed editions
  • Yours forever after purchase; save or print and read at your convenience

How to Submit:
Amazon Shorts

Program Information

Amazon Shorts features previously unpublished short-form literature for sale exclusively at Fiction and nonfiction pieces on a wide variety of topics are available in a digital format only for just $0.49. This is a great way for authors to maintain a more direct and frequent communication with their readers as well as promote their backlist.

Benefits of participation in Amazon Shorts:

  • Access a powerful marketing tool to promote an author's backlist in a new and meaningful way
  • Create an author profile page with biography, photo, and complete backlist
  • Maintain author's visibility between published projects
  • Establish a more direct and frequent communication with readers
  • Introduce readers to unfamiliar writers
  • Provide a new outlet to sell short fiction and nonfiction

Amazon Shorts on the site:

  • Customers get instant reading gratification from favorite authors.
  • Readers can easily sample new writers without investing much time or money.
  • Shorts are available to customers via PDF, HTML, plain-text e-mail, and they are stored in customers' Digital Lockers forever. Shorts can be read immediately on-screen or printed out to be read later.
  • Amazon Shorts will be promoted on the Books home page, presented as part of book search results, and recommended to book buyers.
  • Full personalization features--customer ratings, reviews, recommendations--will be included.

Attention publishers, agents, editors, and authors: If you would like to participate in Amazon Shorts, please contact

Author FAQ

What types of material can I list as an Amazon Short?

Any previously unpublished short-form work (2,000 - 10,000 words, fiction or nonfiction) you've created that your readers would find interesting. An Amazon Short could be a single short story, an update on a well-loved character, a compelling speech, additional material that enriches your published works, or even your commentary on your work or other subjects. Some authors have chosen to treat this as a "laboratory" for experimentation with new genres, themes, etc. We are open to creative ideas for new work.

What if I want to contribute more than one piece?

Once you are accepted into the Amazon Shorts program, you are free to contribute as many pieces as you wish. We are especially interested in getting new material from you on a regular basis. Please allow a turnaround time of approximately three weeks from the time you deliver the material to the time you can expect it to appear on the site.

Can I sell my material elsewhere? Can I publish it later? Will I continue to own the rights to it?

Authors retain the rights to their material. However, we do require that all Shorts be exclusive to for a minimum of six months.

Can anyone submit an Amazon Short?

We are accepting work from a diverse group of authors. In order to be eligible for participation you must be a published author with at least one book currently for sale on If you are an agent, author, publisher, or editor, and you would like to be considered for inclusion in this program, please contact us at

Does this material get reviewed by customers just as books do?

Absolutely. The digital content listed in Amazon Shorts is just like other media products that sells to customers and is subject to the same privileges and conditions that are afforded to books, CDs, and other media products.

Can authors promote their Shorts on their own Web sites?

Yes. Authors who have their own Web sites are encouraged to join the Associates Program. Through this program, you can use your own Web site to drive traffic to your Amazon Shorts as well as any books you have for sale on This is especially worthwhile for writers who have active or well-frequented Web sites.

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