Sunday, September 04, 2005

Writing Op - Highway News


Transport For Christ
1525 River Rd.
Marietta PA 17547

Phone: (717)426-9977
Fax: (717)426-9980
Contact: Jennifer Landis, editor

About HIGHWAY NEWS: "We publish human interest stories, testimonials, and teachings that have a foundation in Biblical/Christian values. Since truck drivers and their families are our primary readers, we publish works that they will find edifying and helpful."

No Payment - 50% freelance written
Established: 1950
Circulation: 35,000
Publishes manuscript 1 year after acceptance.
Byline sometimes given.
Rights purchased: First rights
Submit seasonal material 9 months in advance
Accepts queries by: Mail, E-mail, Fax
Accepts simultaneous submissions
Accepts previously published submissions
Responds in 2 weeks to queries.
Responds in 2 months to manuscripts.
Sample copy free.
Writer's guidelines by e-mail (

Needs: Essays, General Interest, Humor, Inspirational, Interview/Profile, Personal Experience, Photo Feature, Religious, trucking
Does Not Want: No sermons full of personal opinions.
Buys 20-25 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 600–1,200 words.
Pays in contributor copies.
Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.

Send photos with submission.
Reviews: Prints, GIF/JPEG files
Photos Require: Captions, Identification of subjects, Model Releases
Buys one-time rights
Does not pay for photos.

Columns & Departments:
Columns open to freelancers: From the Road (stories by truckers on the road); Ladies' Corner (stories for truckers' wives), both 600 words.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript

Needs: Humorous, Religious, /Slice-of-life Vignettes
Does Not Want: No romance or fantasy. "We use very little fiction."
Buys 1 or fewer manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript
Length: 600–1,200 words.

Needs: Traditional
Does Not Want: Don't send anything unrelated to the trucking industry.
Buys 2 poems/year.
Submit maximum 10 poems.
Length: 4–20 lines.

Needs: Anecdotes, Facts, Short Humor
Length: 20–200 words.
Tips: "We are especially interested in human interest stories about truck drivers. Find a trucker doing something unusual or good and write a story about him or her. Be sure to send pictures."

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