Monday, September 19, 2005

Writing Op - For TEEN Writers

TEENLIGHT - The Teen 2 Teen Christian Magazine is gearing up for it's next quarterly, print magazine. Their all-teen writing team is distirubed across the world so... they are changing their submission process just a bit.


If you'd like to submit a story, please send it to these two addresses, SIMULTANEOUSLY:

One of their editing team will contact individuals who submit within a few weeks.

Payment for publication is two free magazines and a year's subscription.

Also available through Teenlight are a free writers support group and teen writer's classes.

There are only two writer requirement
1. Keep it short (under 500 words or so)
2. The writer/artist must not be older than 22 years old. We are TRULY teen 2 teen.

Looking for: poems, devotionals, songs, short "life lessons" (NONfiction only), etc...

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