Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prayer Request #2

A former member of the NJCWG (Jeff Schicke) moved to Texas after he got married. Here is his prayer request.
To beloved family & friends,

As many of you know, we have been in the process of adopting a young girl (Sarah Joy) from China. We have had to put it off earlier because we had moved from New Jersey and had to get reestablished in Texas with housing and jobs. Well, we no sooner were able to restart the process than the Chinese government (no doubt with the devil's help) threw us for a loop. They have decided to change the minimum marriage length for couples who have a spouse who has been divorced at one time (Kim was, despite her desire to stay married to her husband) to 5 years. That means over 2 more years for us. We've already invested so much time and effort and money into this; now we'll have to start all over.

But we know God is in control, and He still has Sarah Joy in His heart. He also has not led us to give up on our dream for her. The adoption agency we're pursuing her through, America World, is asking as many people as possible to do an Esther fast April 23 (yes, I realize I'm getting this out late) through April 25. Just as Esther and the Jews prayed and fasted (successfully) for the deliverance of their people who were about to be slaughtered, so we ask you to pray and fast in whatever way God leads you for Sarah's deliverance (and for the deliverance of other Chinese babies, mostly girls, who would otherwise be destined for a life of obscurity, prostitution, and who knows what else).

Also, please get as many other people on board to join in this most important effort. The policy change is supposed to take place May 1. But it doesn't have to.

God bless you and thank you all.

In His powerful, redeeming, rescuing love,

Jeff & Kim Schicke

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