Thursday, April 19, 2007

Too Much Stuff - Answer 5

Answer #5 - Too Much Clutter

From Louise

Question: I live in houseful of men. How can I get them to keep the bathroom reasonably clean?

Answer: Do you have more than one bathroom in the home? If so, consider designating one as the men’s bathroom. Let them know that they will be responsible for cleaning it. Provide them with supplies and even offer a quick cleaning lesson.

If allotting the males in your home their own bathroom isn’t an option, here’s some things you can do to make life easier for you:

* Keep wet wipes near the commode so individuals can wipe any splash that missed the target. Communicate your expectations of how and when to use the wet wipes. Place a trash basket nearby as well. Make it easy for them.
* If clothes are left on the floor, create a “home repo hamper.” Buy a hamper that looks different from the ones you use now. Toss any clothes they leave on the floor into the hamper. Don’t worry about sorting clothes because you are not going to wash them. Let the men take responsibility for their own things.
* Hire a housekeeper just for the bathroom. I once thought housekeepers were only for the rich, but there are people who work as housekeepers who charge reasonable fees. Pay the housekeeper out of the boys’ allowances and bill the men who are employed for their share.

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