Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Special Important Message

A friend who I met at Glorieta last year will be on 48 Hours Mystery! It is a story that Satan wanted to use to destroy but God used to His glory.

Here is the info. I beg your prayers for this man full of grace and mercy. This is one show you don't want to miss.

Louise Bergmann DuMont

Message from Kent

Just got the word. The CBS show 48 Hours Mystery! which features the story of my wife and son's murder, and my other son's subsequent trial - and how God used this tragedy to bring about great good - will be aired a week earlier than expected. It will now be shown Saturday, October 13. Check your listings for the airing time - 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 central.
Please pray every day that this program would reach millions with the story of God's grace.
Please pray that this program be a powerful a message for God's promises of forgiveness, unconditional love, and how He gives us the strength to do hard things when we trust him. I have a great hope that it will be used by God for this. They have titled it "Faith of a Father", so that is a good sign. Before agreeing to let them interview me their producer agreed in writing that the final, as-aired program would include the Christian message of salvation (why a relationship with Jesus was necessary to get into heaven), and the amazing story of how He gave me the ability to forgive everyone as I lay in the hospital that first night with my own near fatal wound. This forgiveness was given to a faceless stranger, long before I found out that my son was who I was actually forgiving.
While I don't trust the news media at all, and am aware that they could bend what I have said to whatever agenda they might have, I don't believe that is what this producer has in mind, and besides, God doesn't want us to stay safely on the sidelines of life. I don't think that is what the armor of God is for. So if they choose to twist things to make the silly Christian dad look like a fool, they can do it, but at least I will have been faithful. I believe we are in a culture war for our country, and wars are not won without taking risks and boldly entering the fight. So I am again asking for everyone's prayers, specifically that the program would be used in a great way to spread God's messages across America. And, yes, I hope that the national exposure will benefit my hopes for a book, but Janet will tell you that I have already been blessed financially and that I wrote it for the right reasons, so my request isn't as self serving as it may look.
Hope everyone will watch it, and that we will all be pleased with the results.
Yours and His,
Kent Whitaker
ps I just thought of something else. I am going to include a link to a story that came out last Thursday about a hearing for the young man who actually shot us all. He had pleaded guilty to a reduced sentence (from Capital Murder Life in Prison to First Degree Murder), and I was given the opportunity of making a victim impact statement once the proceedings were complete. Although there were 5 television camera crews in the room, and still photographers, the judge would not let them film my statement. This link takes you to the ABC Houston affiliate, Channel 13, and one of their reports. There is a link inside the story which takes you to my full statement, if you care to read it.

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