Wednesday, October 03, 2007

SpiritLed Writer - Online Now

New issue of the SpiritLed Writer is online.

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connie miller said...

can someone advise me i have COMPLETED a 45 min.DVD with 90 of my photographs some with my poetry and some with sriptures and thoughts applied to my photos.W here could I market this also I have some awesome photos --I truley believe these are all a gift sent from God as i did love taking photos all my life ,but after years of being lost and waking into a small hometown church my life has had so many blessings,some that I was not sure that I would want to call them blessings, but I can see where my prayers are being answered. I have no job and I am getting old ,and i need my dream to become more,can someone advise me where i can market or any advise to a late beginner ,but a true believer. please email me at place in subject line--[about DVD]
Connie April Miller