Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Clichés to Avoid

What is a Cliché?

From the Dictionary
Cliché – A clever expression that has lost its freshness from overuse.

"A cliche is a literary feature that has been used so often that it has burned out and died." ~Jerome Stern

"Cliches are familiar phrases and expressions that have gotten a bad name because they have been overused by writers who were too lazy to think up new, original ways to express their thoughts. These same expressions, when used sparingly, can add humor to a piece of writing or can help a writer make a point succinctly and clear clearly."
~ Robin A. Cormier

Resources You Can Use to Clean Up Clichés

The Facts On File Dictionary of Cliches
The Meanings & Origins of More Than 3,500 Terms & Expressions
by Christine Ammer
Published: 2001 ISBN: 0816043566Dewey Number: 423.1

Cliché Cleaner

659 Cliches

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