Monday, May 01, 2006

Writing Op - Erickson Tribune

The Erickson Tribune (, the nation’s largest retirement newspaper with a circulation of over 3 million and a target audience of age 62-plus, is looking for articles that reflect the Trib’s masthead message of “Inform—Inspire—Involve.”Our Readers:Published by Erickson Retirement Communities, the Tribune is read by people who aspire to live better by taking full advantage of what life has to offer. We do not refer to our readers as “seniors” or “elderly.” They are vibrant, educated individuals who lead busy, productive lives. We try to give them articles that inform and inspire them. We do not view “aging” as a disease, rather, as another chapter in life complete with exciting possibilities.Subject Ideas: Our readers are middle income and interested in a broad range of topics. Stories dealing with leisure pursuits such as travel, music, food and cuisine, wine, coffee, scrapbooking, and gardening are always good possibilities, but we are open to other ideas that might appeal to our target audience as well. Sentimentality is not a road we travel as our audience is living in the here and now. Profiles of retirees doing interesting and amazing things are certainly welcome. We do not publish fiction.Stories about hi-tech, computers, finance, and fitness are also good, as our readers are looking for ways to keep their minds and bodies in shape. They tend to have dynamic relationships with their adult children and grandchildren, and stories relevant to those relationships are welcome. Strong, engaging profiles of individuals age 62-plus (both well-known and not so well known) are also welcome. “How to” articles, depending on the topic, are acceptable as well.

Submission Guidelines:
Completed articles only—NO QUERIES, PLEASE. All articles must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
Word count: approximately 800 (should not be previously published or written for another publication)
Please also be sure to put the title of the story in the subject line of the message.
Please allow plenty of lead time for seasonal stories. (For example, if you have a Christmas related story, make sure you have pitched it by October)
We reserve the right to edit for style, length, and clarity.
If we use your story, we will pay $200 within 30 days of publication.
You will also receive a byline on your story.
We’ll send you three samples.
Submit your articles to
Only e-mail submissions will be accepted.

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