Monday, May 15, 2006

Writing Op - Paramount Cards Inc.

P.O. Box 6546
Providence, RI 02940-6546
It is suggested that new freelance contributors make a thorough study of material appearing on published cards by browsing through the greeting card counters to gain a better insight into the types of cards on the market. Paramount Cards currently ONLY accepts submissions sent through a postal carrier. They are not accepting e-mail submissions at this time.

  • Please TYPE each idea on a SEPARATE piece of paper, small enough to fit into your envelope without folding. A 3 X 5 size is suggested.
  • IDENTIFY each item by NUMBER and keep a duplicate copy for your own records.
  • Your NAME, ADDRESS and SENTIMENT NUMBER should be on each item submitted.
  • Enclose a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE large enough to accommodate the return of your material.
  • Only 10 to 15 items should be submitted AT ONE TIME.
Due to the large volume of freelance material we handle, it is impossible for Paramount to offer criticism of your work.

Mail submissions to:
Paramount Cards Inc.
P. O. Box 6546
Providence, RI 02940-6546
ATTN: Freelance

Paramount is interested in EVERYDAY material: (Birthday, Friendship, Get Well, Anniversary, Sympathy, etc.) at all times. Along with verse, they also buy prose sentiments (long or short), cute and juvenile sentiments.
Paramount Cards makes and sells a variety of everyday and seasonal greeting cards, with a focus on lower priced and discounted cards for independent and small- to medium-sized card stores, drugstores, supermarkets, and dollar/value store chains. The company also operates the CardSmart retail chain, a group of franchised and company-owned card and gift stores. Paramount Cards was founded in 1906 by Russian immigrant Samuel Markoff.

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