Wednesday, June 21, 2006

If a Tux Could Talk - New Book

Sorry I haven't posted to the blog recently. My family was having a yard sale last Fri & Sat in support of my youngest son (Timothy) and his soon to be fiancé (Amanda). This entailed digging through the attic, basement, garage and numerous closets (ugh).

Anyway, what little spare time I had was spent putting together a questionnaire for my new book. I am eagerly looking for recently engaged men or men married within the last few years. If you know of anyone like that, please have them contact me for a copy of the questionnaire. The tentative title of my new book is If a Tux Could Talk and I am particularly interested in men who chose to get involved in their wedding plans or those who wanted to get involved, but for some reason were not able to. Especially sought after would be humorous or poignant anecdotes about the wedding preparations or the wedding itself.

ALSO... I am also looking for specific instances when/how the man took on the responsibility of spiritual head.

Those interested in filling out my questionnaire can contact me ASAP at

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