Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Book Project !!!

Strike up the band...
Get ready with a drum roll please...

I just got a VERY enthusiastic go ahead from my agent (Janet Kobobel Grant) regarding my next book project! I've been looking at this and that, while my emotions ran to and fro. Then I asked myself some serious questions.

Does God still want me to write?
If so, why am I NOT writing?
If He does want me to write, WHAT does he want me to write?
I want to write fiction, but does HE want me to write fiction?

I prayed fervently and found that God did want me to write -- so the question became, "What is my next project?"

Every good book starts with a need. Fill a need and you've got a book that will sell. Sometime that need is information, or it may be a need for entertainment. Whatever that need is, fill it and you've got your reader's attention.

Did I mention that my youngest is starting to look at engagement rings? This couple is very different from my oldest and his wife so it made me wonder what would be in store for us, wedding-wise, this time around. I searched the library for books on weddings. Low and behold - NO books for guys who are getting married. NO books for the mother of the groom. Not even any books for brides who want to know what their guys are thinking about the wedding.

Lighening struck. Well, duh. How about I write a book for brides and grooms -- from a guy's perspective! Hey, I've got great access to three young men in various stages of wedded or pre-wedded bliss. I also have a not-so-young fellow with over 30 years of wedded bliss (???) under his belt. This was it. I had a book.

This afternoon during my lunch hour I pitched the idea to my agent. She was THRILLED! Not only does she feel this will be a good seller, she did some quick research and found both a need and a vacumn of books in this arena. She already has a few publishers she thinks will be seriously interested and she wants my "blurb" right away!


If you have a title that springs to mind, feel free to send it to me. Right now I have two possibilities but neither is quite right. I'm open to any new possibilities. It should indicate a level of humor that will be a part of the book, it should attract a woman to purchase the book, and should indicate that this book is from the male perspective. Since the book is technically nonfiction, it would be good to have both a title and subtile. Send any ideas to me at: njcwg.dumont@gmail.com

Keep me in prayer. This is going to be a roller coaster ride. The good news is that this time around I know where most of the loops and dips are.

Next meeting of the NJCWG - June 12!

Louise Bergmann DuMont

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