Sunday, June 25, 2006

Writing Op - More Than Novellas

Here is a recent writing op that came across my desk...

Seeking original novells, novellas and short stories.

Mission Statement: To promote and build a library of family friendly
fiction--with values that exemplify the teachings and walk of Christ--for
people to read on the web, by maintaining MoreThanNovellas and by promoting
the work of both authors and webmasters who are called to the same purpose.
(see below for submission guidelines

Last year had our greatest summer ever. Not only did
we double our authors with some great men and women, but we received almost
as many hits and participation in the IF room then we did during the rest of
the year. I tell you that because people are looking for great fiction to
read online--all over the world. In 2006, we entered our seventh year
online and now have 16 online novellas, 12 complete ... 46 short stories,
all in a growing library of free to read online fiction.

This isn't a paying market. However, if you're interested drop by and check out the how to submit page or the
submission guidelines page (see guidelines below).

Elizabeth Delayne


Look around the website and see what's going on. You should get a good feel
for it. Of course, you can always ask.

The story does not have to be distinctly Christian, but must represent
Christian values: clean, wholesome, fun ....

The story must have a plot~adventure, romance, friendship, etc. This means
character development, setting, rising action, climax and falling action.

Must follow True Love Waits and preferably Lady in Waiting (a book) values.
If you can't understand the meaning by the titles, again you can ask ;).
Please be aware of, an pray about, how love and affection is shown ...

It is important to remember that while most of the readers are adults, some
that come through might be children. I do ask you to consider the audience
and pray over anything that may be ... impressionable.

***Please do not submit a story you have posted elsewhere on the web. If
people run across similar stories over and over they stop looking.

The author keeps the rights to all stories. I will place your e-mail,
website, etc along with your story and I will create a graphic for you. Just
look around the website and see what's going on.

--- Free to read online Novel(la)s & Short Stories.

Challenge your writing skills and delight the writers that are
participating, by adding to the continuing sagas in the IF room ... what
happens IF ... there's always a cliffhanger waiting for you.

Currently Accepting Submissions: novels, novellas and short stories ... see
Submission Guidelines/How to Submit @

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