Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Writing Op - The Kids' Ark

Here is an email that I received from Joy Mygrants at The Kids' Ark.
May this find you blessed and glorifing God in everything!

The Kids' Ark is on the lookout for interesting, adventurous and captivating submissions for children ages 6-12 in the following themes. Anger - Due July 18 (Anticipated publication in January) Wisdom- Due Aug. 18 (Anticipated publication in February) Lazy - Due Sept. 18 (Anticipated publication in March) . Submissions should be approximately 600 words in length and be e-mailed to me at as a Microsoft Word attachment. Accepted stories earn $100 each. For more information, guidelines or questions, e-mail me. To view a copy of the Ark, view our website at

(Joy Mygrants)
The Kids' Ark

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