Friday, June 30, 2006

Writing Op - Christian Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Daniel I Weaver is putting together a Christian spec-fic anthology project.

For this project, the working definition of speculative fiction includes fantasy/ sci-fi/ horror/ supernatural/ alternate history and magic realism and all submissions must fall into one of these sub-genres (thus, a fantasy/romance piece is acceptable).
First-rights granted by authors of accepted submissions. Short-story submissions must be 1.5-5k words, no more than three pieces per author. Poetry will be considered.
Cover artist and illustrators will be considered. Contributors for a Foreword and Afterword will be considered.

This project requires intensive participation from potential contributors.
Deadline for rough draft is July 14th, where-after contributors will critique each other's work. Critiquing will be done in which all potential contributors must join. Rough draft critique deadline: July 18th. Re-write, self-edit and polish; second draft deadline is August 4th. Second draft critique (more intense: fine picking, polish crits), deadline: August 18th. Final manuscript polished to shine; Final deadline: August 25th. Authors of accepted submissions must then join a second Christian marketing newsgroup to discuss marketing tips.

Interested parties must:
1) join and
2) introduce yourself and state your interest in this project.

We look forward to working together with fellow Christian artists,
Scott “Frank Creed” Morris

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