Thursday, June 30, 2005

Writing Op - New Jersey Monthly

The Magazine of the Garden State
New Jersey Monthly, LLC
55 Park Place
P.O. Box 920
Morristown, NJ 07963-0920

Contact: Christopher Hann, senior editor

Phone: (973)539-8230
Fax: (973)538-2953

Magazine covering "just about anything to do with New Jersey, from news, politics, and sports to decorating trends and lifestyle issues. Our readership is well-educated, affluent, and on average our readers have lived in New Jersey 20 years or more.

EDITOR'S TIP: "The best approach: Do your homework! Read the past year's issues to get an understanding of our well-written, well-researched articles that tell a tale from a well-established point of view."

EDITOR'S NOTE: This magazine continues to look for strong investigative reporters with novelistic style and solid knowledge of New Jersey issues.

75-80% freelance writtenEstablished: 1976Circulation: 95,000
Pays on completion of fact-checking.
Publishes manuscript 3 months after acceptance.
Byline given.
Offers 20% kill fee.
Rights purchased: First North American serial rights
Editorial lead time 3 months.Submit seasonal material 6 months in advance
Accepts queries by: Mail, E-mail, Fax, Phone
Accepts simultaneous submissions
Responds in 2 months to queries.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Book excerpts, Essays, Exposé, General Interest, Historical, Humor, Interview/Profile, Personal Experience, Photo Feature, Travel (within New Jersey), arts, sports, politics.
DOES NOT WANT: "No experience pieces from people who used to live in New Jersey or general pieces that have no New Jersey angle."

Buys 90-100 manuscripts/year.
Submission method: Query with published magazine clips and SASE.
Length: 800–3,000 words.
Pays $750-2,500.
Pays reasonable expenses of writers on assignment with prior approval.

Columns open to freelancers:

EXIT RAMP (back page essay usually originating from personal experience but written in a way that tells a broader story of statewide interest), 1,200 words.
Buys 12 columns/year.
Submission method: Query with published clips
Pays $400.

Fillers: Needs Anecdotes (for front-of-book)
Buys 12-15 fillers/year.Length: 200–250 words.
Pays: $100

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