Thursday, October 26, 2006

Book Proposals That Sell

"If you are currently writing a book or even thinking about writing a book, you won't want to miss this online event. "
Louise Bergmann DuMont, NJCWG

From Editor and Author - Terry Whalin
Let's Talk About Book Proposals
On Thursday, October 26th, I will be chatting for two hours at the Institute of Children's Literature. The topic is book proposals and how as writers submit better proposals, then they will improve the results from their submissions.
If you can, join us for the chat. I recommend you go to the chatroom ahead of time to register (free) then participate.
Here’s the times:
9-11 p.m. Atlantic/Canada
8-10 p.m. Eastern
7-9 Central
6-8 Mountain
5-7 Pacific

If you are reading this article after October 26th, the transcript for this chat are stored online. These archives are a rich resource of writing information on a variety of topics from many different participants. In the past, I've been in this chatroom--in fact three times but Thursday will mark the first time talking about Book Proposals That Sell. I hope to see you there.

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