Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Writing Op - Kids Ark

Hello Wonderfully Blessed Writers!

I hope this finds you all well. This e-mail has been long in coming and I don't think I'll answer ALL of the questions many of you have e-mailed me all right now. But, I need to share with you what is going on with the Ark and should then later be able to answer anything else.

1. We are slowing down the monthly printing of the Kids' Ark to every other month until we are through the process of becoming nonprofit. There are temporary financial restrictions to publishing monthly until the nonprofit status is gained. Once that happens, we will resume monthly publications.

2. Having said that, here are the updated anticipation publication dates for previous themes. (Those of you whose stories have been accepted for these themes- you will receive your payment and complimentary copy at that time).
Perseverance - October
Meekness - December
Pride - February
Anger - April
Wisdom - June
Laziness - July

3. While deadlines have already passed for Anger, Widsom and Laziness, the editorial panel is still finalizing decisions on submissions. I hope to have decisions for all stories by next week.

4. Also, we will have additional themes and submission deadlines by next week as well.

Thank you all for your prayers and patience. I realize it's difficult for you to not hear from us for so long. For that, I apologize. We held off due to the number of changes being made to make this ministry everything God wants it to be.

God really is doing great things with this magazine. In church, just the otherday, the wife of a man who is known as the "watchman" of our church, commented how much she enjoys having the stories available for her grandchildren. You are impacting so many children through your giftings. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

May God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above all you may ask, think, orimagine!I'll be in touch again soon!

Joy Mygrants
The Kids' Ark

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