Thursday, October 19, 2006

FREE Business Cards

Vista Print is at it again. They are offering FREE business cards to anyone who wants them. Sure there is a catch (you didn't really believe that they would give them away without a catch did you?).

Here's the deal - 1) you must pay the shipping - which is minimal. 2) Vista Print puts their web address in very small print on the back of each card. That's it.

I use Vista Print for all of my business cards, oversized publicity post cards, etc. They do an excellent job and you sure can't beat this price.

Writers need business cards. While I was at Glorieta I collected dozens of them and will file them for future contact information. Editors and publishers file them for future use too. Get 250 FREE Business Cards Now! Here is their link: FREE CARDS

To see all of Vista Print's products and other free offers go to:

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