Friday, October 06, 2006

Writing Op- Adams Media

Writing Op forwarded to me by Maude Carolan

Has God ministered in your life through the Serenity Prayer? Is there an element of the Serenity Prayer that especially speaks to you?

If so, you're a prime candidate to write a personal experience story for a compilation book on the Serenity Prayer that Adams Media is putting out as part of their Christian line, and I'd like to invite you to be part of this.

We're looking for 1000-1200 word stories on how the Serenity Prayer has affected or changed lives. Your story will need to be deeper than just, "I prayed the Serenity Prayer and God made everything wonderful." Instead, focus on a specific time in your life when this prayer or an aspect of it made a difference in your life. Tell us specifically how this prayer made a difference--specifically how God used it to bring grace, healing, renewed relationships, courage, or whatever. As in any time you tell a story, remember to "show" us instead of just "telling" us. Also, it looks like too many writers so far are focusing on the "Accept the things I can" aspect of the prayer, so you might consider writing on another section of it.

This book is distinctly Christian, but will be sold in secular outlets (and Adams is a secular publisher that has a Christian arm, like the Cup of Comfort Devotions series, and the His Forever testimony book). So in your writing, try to weed out Christianese--try to give spiritual concepts concrete support so the readers can relate, and don't assume your reader knows what the Christian phrases mean. Feel free to use scripture in this as well--just watch the Christian lingo.

Also, one of my concerns is that too many of the stories submitted will focus on AA or recovery programs. It's great if the Serenity Prayer has ministered to you through this, but downplay programs and concentrate on the difference in your life. Also feel free to pull from elements of the long version of this prayer:

The stories are due Oct. 25 (this has been extended from the original deadline), but I'll start accepting them right away. Yes, you may tell someone else's story in their voice, an "As Told To." You'll receive $50 for each story that's accepted. If you have questions or would like to submit a story, the e-mail address for this one is: I prefer attachments in Word.

And please, feel free to pass this along to your writing friends! This is the perfect opportunity for people who want to write something that will make a spiritual difference in markets that aren't Christian bookstore markets. So a perfect venue for those of you who have a desire to be "missionary writers."

Thanks. I look forward to reading how God has used the Serenity Prayer in your life.


Jeanette Gardner Littleton
Editor, Serenity Prayer Project
Adams Media

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