Friday, January 13, 2006

What's In the Feb Issue of The Writer Mag?

You'll find these great articles in the February issue of The Writer Magazine:

A powerful plot device for your fiction
Learn how to use a "MacGuffin"- a central object or situation used to power narrative.
Zadie Smith's world view
Acclaimed British novelist Zadie Smith talks about the rewards of crossing racial and cultural boundaries in her fiction.
A vital tool: Use a timeline to create backstories for characters
Creating a timeline for your character can be a valuable tool for explaining motivation and behavior.
Create buzz for your self-published book
A writer who has mastered the art shares some uncommon wisdom.
Ready to make your first sale? Stop! 9 things you need to know
Amid your first-sale euphoria, it pays to remember that asking questions, following up and saying "no" won't get you blacklisted by publishers.

Click here for the FEBRUARY issue table of contents.

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