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Writing Op - Faces

Writers' Guidelines for FACES ®

General Information

Lively, original approaches to the subject are the primary concerns of the editors in choosing material. Writers are encouraged to study recent back issues for content and style. (Sample issues are available at $5.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Send 10" x 13" self-addressed envelope.) All material must relate to the theme of a specific upcoming issue in order to be considered (themes and deadlines given below). FACES ® purchases all rights to material.


A query must consist of all of the following information to be considered (please use nonerasable paper):
  1. a brief cover letter stating the subject and word length of the proposed article,
  2. a detailed one-page outline explaining the information to be presented in the article,
  3. an extensive bibliography of materials the author intends to use in preparing the article (if appropriate),
  4. a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Writers new to FACES ® should send a writing sample with the query.

If you would like to know if your query has been received, please also include a stamped postcard requesting acknowledgment of receipt.

In all correspondence, please include your complete address as well as a telephone number where you can be reached.

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced and include final word count. Authors are requested to supply a 2- to 3-line biographical sketch.

Articles must be submitted on disk using a word processing program (preferably Microsoft Word - MAC). Text should be saved as ASCII text (in MS Word as "text only"). Disks should be either MAC- (preferred) or DOS- compatible 3 ½."


Feature Articles:
about 800 words
Includes: in-depth nonfiction highlighting an aspect of the featured culture, interviews, and personal accounts.

Supplemental Nonfiction:
300-600 words
Includes: subjects directly and indirectly related to the theme. Editors like little-known information but encourage writers not to overlook the obvious.

up to 800 words
Includes: Retold legends, folktales, stories, and original plays from around the world, etc., relating to the theme.

The above three pay 20 to 25 cents per printed word.

up to 700 words.
Includes: crafts, games, recipes, projects, etc., which children can do either alone or with adult supervision. Should be accompanied by sketches and description of how activity relates to theme.

up to 100 lines. Clear, objective imagery. Serious and light verse considered. Must relate to theme.

Puzzles and Games:
Crossword and other word puzzles using the vocabulary of the issue's theme. Mazes and picture puzzles that relate to the theme.

The above three pay on an individual basis.
Photo Guidelines

To be considered for publication, photographs must relate to a specific theme. Writers are encouraged to submit available photos with their query or article. We buy one-time use.

Our suggested fee range for professional quality photographs* follows:

¼ pagetofull page

* Please note that fees for non-professional quality photographs are negotiated.
  • Cover fees are set on an individual basis for one-time use, plus promotional use. All cover images are color.
  • Prices set by museums, societies, stock photography houses, etc., are paid or negotiated. Photographs that are promotional in nature (e.g., from tourist agencies, organizations, special events, etc.) are usually submitted at no charge.
  • If you have photographs pertaining to any upcoming theme, please contact the editor by mail or fax, or send them with your query. You may also send images on speculation.
Theme list for 2006 - 2007[query due date]
Egypt (September)[11/14/05]
Globalization: It's a Small World (October)[12/12/05]
Honduras (November)[1/17/06]
Sports Around the World (December)[2/13/06]
Spain (January)[3/13/06]
Republic of Georgia (February)[4/17/06]
World Health (March)[5/15/06]
The U.S. South (April)[6/19/06]
China (May)[7/17/06]


Queries may be submitted at any time before the deadline, but queries sent well in advance of deadline MAY NOT BE ANSWERED FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. Go-aheads requesting material proposed in queries are usually sent at least seven months prior to publication date. Unused queries will be returned if a SASE is supplied.

Mail queries to:
Editorial Department
Cobblestone Publishing
Attn: Elizabeth Crooker Carpentiere
30 Grove Street, Suite C
Peterborough, NH 03458

Or email them to:
Mail sample requests to:
Editorial Department
Cobblestone Publishing
Attn: Sample Requests
30 Grove Street, Suite C
Peterborough, NH 03458

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