Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Writing Op - Bible Advocate

P.O. Box 33677
Denver, CO 80233
Helps Christians understand and obey the Bible.
Frequency: 8x/yr -- Circulation: 13,500
Nonfiction: On Bible doctrine, current social and religious issues, everyday-living Bible topics, textual or Biblical book studies, prophecy and personal experience; 1200 words; $25-$55.
Poetry: Free verse, blank verse, and traditional; 5-20 lines; $20.
Fillers: Facts, inspirational pieces, anecdotes; 100-400 words; $20.
Columns, Departments: Viewpoint, opinion pieces; 650 words.
Art: Mac-compatible TIFF or JPEG files, 300 dpi; $10-$35/inside use, $25-$50/cover. No photos.
Queries: Not necessary
E-queries: Yes
Unsolicited mss: Yes
Submission formats: Electronic, Hard copy
Response: 4-8 weeks.
Freelance content: 10-20%
NO Kill fee
Rights: First, reprint, electronic
Payment: On publication
TIPS: No articles on Christmas or Easter. Theme list available.

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