Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Writer's Digest Yearbook

The Writer's Digest YEARBOOK is out and it's PACKED with great information. You'll find it most of the larger books stores (Borders, Barnes & Nobel, etc.)in their magazine section.

Writer's Yearbook 2006 - $8.00

Here is just a taste of what you'll find inside.

2005: The Year in Review
By Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Martha Stewart rebounds, poker magazines fly off the shelves and celebrity news still sells. Heres a look back at the magazine world last year.

What Editors Wont Tell You (But We Will)
By Jenna Glatzer
Ever wonder what editors look for in a freelance writer? Here are 15 tips to help keep you on an editors good side.

Just the Facts, Maam
By Roxanne Hawn
Its not just important that you have your facts straightits essential. Heres how to breeze through fact-checking and keep your article accurate.

Using Trademarks
By Lisa Wurster
Hesitant to use brand names in your writing? Dont be. Heres what you need to know about the laws
surrounding trademarks.

Know Your Copyrights
By Howard G. Zaharoff
You dont need to be a legal expert to understand your rights. This breakdown explains all you need to know about copyright protection.

Free Money
By C. Hope Clark
Writing grants are out thereyou just have to know where to look. Let us point you in the right direction.

Weaving Your Web
By Robert W. Bly
These seven must-know strategies will help you create a well-developed, business-focused Web site.

Keeping Your Ideas Fresh
By Craig Wilson
Open your eyes to the world around you to come up with fresh topics for a weekly column.

Writing in First Person
By Marnie Engel Hayutin
Dont haphazardly throw yourself into your article. Follow these tips to turn your first-person writing skills into an asset.

Dropping in Your Data
By David A. Fryxell
Learn how to weave facts into your writing without making it dry.

A Travelers Tale
By Jack Clemens
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tony Horwitz combines humor and personal references with serious journalism to create riveting travel narratives.

101 Best Web Sites for Writers
By Robin M. Hampton
Get ready to bookmark these Web sites: Its our annual guide to the best online writing resources.

The Top 100 Markets for Magazine Writers
By Chuck Sambuchino
Weve examined thousands of publications and picked out an exclusive listing of magazines for freelancers to query.

Theres No Place Like Home
By Jenna Glatzer
Looking to break into national magazines? You can start by looking for human-interest stories where you live.

Lost in Cyberspace
By Brian Slemming
Dont let your electronic queries end up in an editors spam folder.
This writer explains how to get past e-mail filters.
PLUS: Lori Cossens tips on how to choose your best clips.

Mastering the Waiting Game
By Joy Lanzendorfer
Advice on maximizing your down time instead of fretting over that last submission.

Costly Mistakes
By Robert W. Bly
Feel like your freelance income is less than it should be? These 10 business mistakes may be the reason you arent earning what you should.

Five Tips for Getting Published
By Chelan David
These guidelines can help you break into the competitive field of freelance writing.

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