Monday, January 30, 2006

Writing Op - In Touch Mag

In Touch Magazine

Freelance authors wishing to contribute their work to the In Touch magazine should adhere to our writer’s guidelines. Be sure to study several issues of In Touch magazine to understand our tone, approach, and topics of interest. Archived articles are available at

In Touch magazine strives to inspire, encourage, educate, and change lives by communicating God’s Truth, and connect people to God’s work through In Touch Ministries.

Editorial Content
Effective writing for In Touch magazine presents biblical truth in a practical and approachable manner. We desire to publish articles with take-away value—helpful hints, available resources, or principles our readers can integrate into their lives. Except in rare cases, articles are written in first or third person. Writers should not assume reader’s familiarity with Christian terminology.

Since In Touch is a ministry-affiliated magazine, our readers expect articles to adhere to sound biblical theology and agree with the teachings of Dr. Charles Stanley.

Second Story (1,600 words) A feature article with a Christian principle. A wide range of topics is permissible.

Mighty In Spirit (1,200 words) An exegetical treatment of a Bible character who demonstrates faith in or dependence upon God. Application to today should be clearly made.

By Faith (800 or 1,200 words) An article that showcases inspirational stories of Christians demonstrating God’s influence in their lives.

Solving Problems God’s Way (800 or 1,200 words) These articles identify problems or situations to which most of our readership can relate. Solutions should be both practical and biblically sound.

Family Room (800 words) This category deals with issues affecting children from infancy through college. Parenting and other family issues are appropriate topics. Scriptural principles should be included.

We do not publish news or external source sermons.

Query Submission
In Touch magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts for publication. Freelance writers may submit a query of one typed page/400 words which includes:

* the section of the magazine for which the article is intended
* a working title
* a tentative outline or detailed summary
* expected length and proposed completion date
* the author’s qualifications to write the piece

Queries may be submitted to the attention of the Associate Editor by e-mail to or to the following postal address.

In Touch magazine
3836 DeKalb Technology Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30340

Mailed queries must include an SASE for reply. We do not accept simultaneous queries. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for response.

Query Acceptance
If your query is accepted, we will invite you to submit your article on speculation. A properly formatted manuscript will be

* typed
* double-spaced
* numbered
* printed on only one side of the paper.
* In the top right corner of the first page, please include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and the word count of the document.

We prefer Bible references from the New American Standard Bible. If using another version, please cite the version with each reference. Re-titling or editing for length or content may be requested of the author or performed by the editors at their discretion. Again, please allow 6 – 8 weeks for a response.

Payment is made only if the manuscript is accepted. Editors reserve the right to reject any manuscript at any stage. The current rate is 30-35 cents per word for first rights. We do not accept reprints at this time.

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