Monday, January 30, 2006

Writing Op - Take-Home-Paper for Children - Adventures

6401 The Paseo Blvd.
Kansas City MO 64131-1213
Phone: (816)333-7000
Fax: (816)333-4439

Contact: Andrea Callison
About ADVENTURES: Published by Adventures for children ages 6-8. Correlates to the weekly Sunday school lesson.

Columns & Departments:
75% freelance written
Pays on publication
Publishes manuscript 1 year after acceptance.
Rights purchased: All rights
Accepts queries by: Mail, Fax
Responds in 2 months to queries.
Sample copy for #10 SASE.
Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.

Columns open to freelancers: Fiction and Nonfiction Stories, 250 words, Pays $25; Rebus Stories, 125-150 words, Pays $25; Interesting Facts/Trivia, 100-125 words, Pays $15; Recipes & Crafts, Pays $15; Activities, Pays $15.
Submission method: Send complete manuscript

Accepts life application stories that show early elementary children dealing with the issues related to the Bible story, Bible Truth, or lesson goals. Children may interact with friends, family, or other individuals in the stories. Make characters and events realistic. Avoid placing characters in a perfect world or depicting spiritually precocious children.
Length: 250 words.
Pays: $25 for fiction.

Short, fun, easy-to-understand, age-appropriate poetry that correlates with the Bible story, Bible Truth, or lesson goals is welcome. "We prefer rhythmic, pattern poems, but will accept free verse if reads smoothly out loud."
Length: 4–8 lines.
25¢/line, min. $2

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