Friday, March 09, 2007

Answer #2 - Too Much Clutter

Answer #2 - Too Much Clutter

These questions come from a NJCWG member.

Too Much Clutter - Question #2
Ann Asks: My attic is a mess. My husband & I are older and not terribly strong but we are active and can do a good bit. We don't want to leave this for our daughters to clean up after we die. Ditto for our basement.

Clutter Queen, Kathryn Porter Answers: This sounds like the perfect scenario for hiring a professional organizer. Getting assistance outside the family can be extremely valuable in order to get the job done. When we ask family or friends for help, we get stuck waiting on their schedules—which sometimes means that the de-cluttering won’t get done because more important things pop up for them. You also risk being talked into keeping things you really don’t need.

If you are determined to take on this challenge by yourself, start with the easy stuff. If it takes more than ten seconds to decide on whether to keep or toss, then move on to the next item. This is called the pre-sort. Here, you are simply paring things down quickly and easily as you come across them. While you do this, start grouping like things together. This will allow you to assess exactly how much you have. It’s easier to make decision on parting with things when you can make informed decisions. It’s one thing to go through your t-shirts. It’s another to take them all out of your closets and drawers to witness the sheer number of what you own. Once you pare down, implement organizing systems. Create homes for things based on where they are used, how often they are used, and who uses them.

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