Thursday, March 15, 2007

Writing Op - Breakaway Magazine

Breakaway Magazine
Focus on the Family
8605 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs CO 80920

Phone: (719)531-3400
Web site:

Format: Magazine covering extreme sports, Christian music artists, and new technology relevant to teen boys.
Frequency: Monthly

"This fast-paced, 4-color publication is designed to creatively teach, entertain, inspire, and challenge the emerging teenager. It also seeks to strengthen a boy's self-esteem, provide role models, guide a healthy awakening to girls, make the Bible relevant, and deepen their love for family, friends, church, and Jesus Christ."
Freelance Facts

* 25% freelance written
* Established: 1990
* Circulation: 96,000
* Pays on acceptance.
* Publishes manuscript 5-12 months after acceptance.
* Byline given.
* Offers $25 kill fee.

Rights purchased:
* First North American serial rights
* First rights
* One-time rights
* Electronic rights
# Editorial lead time 5 months.
# Submit seasonal material 8 months in advance.

Accepts queries by:
* Mail
* Responds in 2-3 months to queries.
* Responds in 2-3 months to manuscripts.
* Sample copy for $1.50 and 9x12 SASE with 3 first-class stamps.
* Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.

* Inspirational
* Interview/Profile
* Personal Experience
* Buys up to 6 manuscripts/year.
* Submission method: Send complete manuscript.
* Length: 700–2,000 words.
* Does not pay the expenses of writers on assignment.

Columns & Departments:
* Columns open to freelancers: Epic Truth (spiritual/Biblical application devotional for teen guys), 800 words; Weird, Wild, WOW! (technology, culture, science), 200-400 words.
* Buys 2-3 columns/year.
* Submission method: Send complete manuscript
* Pays 12-15¢/word

* Adventure
* Humorous
* Religious
* Suspense

Does Not Want: "Avoid Christian jargon, clich├ęs, preaching, and other dialogue that isn't realistic or that interrupts the flow of the story."

* Buys 3-4 manuscripts/year.
* Submission method: Send complete manuscript.
* Length: 600–2,000 words.
* Pays 15-20¢/word

"Some of our readers get spiritual nurture at home and at church; many don't. To reach both groups, the articles must be written in ways that are compelling, bright, out of the ordinary. Nearly every adult in a boy's life is an authority figure. We would like you, through the magazine, to be seen as a friend! We also want Breakaway to be a magazine any pre-Christian teen could pick up and understand without first learning 'Christianese.' Stories should spiritually challenge, yet be spiritually inviting."

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