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Answer #3 - Too Much Clutter

Answer #3 - Too Much Clutter

These questions come from a NJCWG member.

Too Much Clutter - Question #3
Ann Asks: . I have many art (painting) supplies sitting on an open book case. They are all jumbled up. Some are in bags on the floor as I have too many for the shelves. How can I organize these?

Clutter Queen, Kathryn Porter Answers: If you have too many paint supplies than what will comfortably fit on the shelves, then the problem is not a storage issue. The problem is that you have too many paint supplies. Use the same organizing principles as you would for any other project:

Assess what you have. Do this by grouping all like objects together such as all water based paints in one box, all oil based paints in another, etc. How many are dried and no longer fit for using? Throw them away. Do you have duplicates? Put them in a donation box. Are there items you know you won’t use in the next year? Those go too.

Before you put everything back on the bookshelves, consider what’s working and what’s not with your current system:
*Are the bookshelves located where you paint and create your art?
*Are you putting other items on the bookshelves that are unrelated to your art?
*Is the bookshelf the style of organizing that fits your situation best?

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